Thai Youtubers from the “KhongPangKhongKwan” channel raised awareness on .ไทย (Thai IDN) and UA (Universal Acceptance)

THNIC hired a famous Thai Youtuber from the “KhongPangKhongKwan” channel comprised of a group of young generation graduates of Princeton University, USA, who are passionate about computer programming and have around 70,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel to produce a video. Most of their subscribers are C-Level management and developers in Thailand. The content of this video consists of a literature review about IDN, EAI and UA and then explanation on how to develop a system to be UA-Ready. Interested persons can find more information about IDN, EAI and UA as well as programming challenges through various social media platforms used by THNIC and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Influencers. THNIC has set a goal to reach 600,000 people and raise their awareness and interest in IDN, EAI and UA.