Thailand UA Local Initiative

Supported by ICANN’s UA Local Initiatives Working Group, Thailand UA Local Initiative has been established on September 2020.


Allowing only a restricted character set (ASCII a to z, 0 to 9, and the hyphen) within the Internet Domain Name System causes difficulty for non-English to learn a new character set to send emails or access to websites. The emergence of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) and Internationalized Email address (EAI) made an effective step to achieving a multilingual Internet. However, some websites, software, and applications remain unable to accept and process the domain names and emails address as valid names. Web addresses cannot be resolved to the intended resource on the website. Mail systems cannot send mails to expected recipients.

We aim to increase the awareness of its significance and educate related parties to ensure that IDNs and EAI email addresses can be accepted and used faultlessly.

Target Local Stakeholders

  • Technology developers/administrators
  • Software development companies
  • Developers for application providers that serve businesses
  • Technical community

Dominant of English in Internet use is a digital divide that restricts Thai users who use non-English characters or scripts to access data and information as well as to use Internet services.